TextDigest leaves the Cloud

Even though the TextDigest.com web and document summarisation tool is still in the beta stage, I now have a pretty good idea of its capacity requirements. Knowing how much RAM and CPU to throw at it, I’ve decided to move from the Amazon EC2 instances to a more traditional dedicated server host (Hetzner), saving me 90% in monthly charges. I’m still going to keep load balancers on AWS, but all the heavy lifting will now be done by physical servers (hexacore Xeons with 128GB RAM each and software RAID). Eventually it will develop into a small private cloud, with each node being more powerful than any instance that Amazon or Microsoft can offer.

OpenVAS quick start on Ubuntu

  1. Hit the Dash, or launch menu, type “terminal” to open the console.
  2. Become administrator: sudo bash -l
  3. Install OpenVAS: aptitude install openvas-server openvas-client
  4. Run the server: /etc/init.d/openvas-server start
  5. Add a new user account for the scaner: openvas-adduser
    1. Login: admin
    2. Authentication: pass
    3. Password: <type your password>
    4. User rules: default accept
    5. Hit Return/Enter to accept
  6. From the Dash home or launch menu, run OpenVAS-client
  7. Login, accept the certificate, setup the scope options and execute!

Pixeldyne :: Core

Pixeldyne Core is a small library (written in C#) used for scaffolding .NET development-based projects. It is by no means production ready (on account of missing unit tests), but it does provide reusable code, saving you time re-implementing most common patterns.

It is open source and licenced under Apache Licence 2.0, thus providing the best benefits to individuals and organisations using these works in proprietary commercial projects (open or closed source, the decision is up to the user).

Looking Forward

I’m currently in the process of refactoring the library to use .NET 4.5, especially contracts, parallellisation and asynchronous operations.

Additionally, a new SharePoint 2010 web service proxy will soon be added, allowing developers to efficiently manage documents from .NET 4 or 4.5 applications (x86 or x64).